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​Water transfer printing at it's best! We are only 1 of 3 companies that we know of that can successfully apply the inks of the hydro film to a Cerakote base! What does this mean? Well for starters, Cerakote is a firearm specific coating. Its applied very thin so no tolerances are upset. Cerakote is extremely wear and abrasive resistant, and most importantly corrosive resistant! 
No rusting, no peeling, and no worries about bug spray softening the protective clear coating. 
In traditional hydro dipping or camo dipping, the gun or parts require a base coat color and a automotive urethane is used. The part is dipped, then cleared using a automotive clear coat. Although this option is the most common practice, and one we still use, we also offer the newer and most protective combination of applying the Cerakote and hydro dipping (camo dipping)application together! 
Both options are fine, and will give you a very long coating life. The Cerakote and camo dipping application is a little more expensive than the traditional base coating techniques. We can walk you through all the options with a simple phone call to us. 

We offer a Dura Grip Clear Coat finish, a Matte Finish, a Semi Gloss or Satin finish, and a High Gloss finish on all guns. 
We offer popular and some of the best camo patterns for guns, bows, and other outdoor or hunting equipment. 
Some of these available are Mossy Oak Camo, Mathews Lost Camo, Lost Camo AT, Muddy Girl Camo, Natural Gear Camo, Timbers Edge XD Camo, and more! Click on the thumbs bellow to view the pattern or click on the gun pictures to see the gallery.


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Glock Pistol Camo Dipped in Muddy Girl Camo Film
You can now order securely online through our online store! Or you can create a mock invoice with return shipping. Click here ​

Semi-Auto Slide--- $85
Semi-Auto Frame--- $95
Semi-Auto Accents---$45
​(Slide Lock,Take Down,Mag Release etc. in a matching Cerakote)
​Magazine Floor Plate---$7
Complete Magazine---$25.00
1911 Style Frame---$95
1911 Style Slide---$85
1911 Accents---$65.00
(Cerakote Ony)
Semi-Auto Pistol Barrels-------- $25
(Cerakote Only)

22 Caliber Pistols & Revolvers:
Call For Pricing

Bolt Rifle/Semi-Auto Rifle/Breach Rifle:
Standard Synthetic Stock---$95
(one piece stock)
Complete Bolt Rifle-----$195
(Incl. Stock,Barreled Action)
​​(Disassemble,Clean,Oil & Assemble)
Standard Two Piece Stock-----$95
Thumb Hole Stock---$110 and up
Tactical Type Stock---$125 and up
Complete Semi-Auto Rifle-----$250 and up
(Incl. Disassemble & Reassemble)

Synthetic Stock Set----$95
Benelli Comfort-Tech Butt-Stock Only---$85
Standard Synthetic Forearms---$60
​(Disassemble,Clean,Oil & Assemble)
SureShot/Thumbhole ButtStock---$75
Synthetic Forearm---$35
Complete Standard Semi-Auto Shotgun- $255
(Inc. Disassemble & Reassemble)
Complete Pump Action Shotgun---$230
(Incl. Disassemble & Reassemble)
Tactical Shotguns--- CALL
Over and Under & Double Barrel Shotguns
(Call For Pricing)

AR-15 Type Rifle:
SP-1 Type Stock---$75
Magpul Type Adjustable Stock--$85 and Up
Standard Mil-Spec Hand-guard---$55 
Handguard W/ Rail---$75 & Up.
Stripped Upper & Lower (set)---$110
Complete Rifle---$325
(Standard Mil-Spec Type/Does NOT included disassemble/reassemble)
AR15 Style Disassemble & Reassemble--$65

Scopes & Accessories:
(Must Sign Waiver)
Scope Rings-----$30-$45
Scope Bases-----$30 and Up
Bolt Handle-----$30
(Where applicable, Includes disassemble and reassemble of bolt)
​Trigger Guard-----$15 and Up
(Where applicable)
Take Down Screws---$7.00 ea.
Receiver/Weaver Style Scope Mount--$35

Mathews Lost Camo Hydrographic Film Gun Dipping Mathews Lost
Nat Gear Camo Film Dipping Natural Gear Hydro dipping Hydrographic dipping
ATACS Camo dipped 338 lapua rifle camo dipping and Cerakote
AR15 parts dipped in Multi Cam Hydro Film Dipping Gun Parts Dipped
Glock Pistol Hydro Dip Film Dipped in Reaper Black Skulls Pistol
Muddy Girl Pink guns Dipped in Muddy girl Hydrographic Film
Benelli dipped in Mossy Oak Bottomland Hydro Film Camo Dipping
Mossy Oak Break Up Hydro Film Camo Dipping Shotgun Camo Dipping
Mossy Oak Duck Blind Hydro Dipping Camo Film Duck Blind shotgun camo
Mossy Oak Infinity Hydro dipping Camo film shotguns duck hunters camo
hydrographics film mossy oak shadow grass gun camo dipping
Mossy Oak Bottom Land Camo Hydro Film
Mossy Oak Obsession camo dipping film Camo Gun Dipping
Muddy Girl Pink Camo guns hydro dip film
Next  Microprint Hydro dip film Camo shotguns rifles
Reaper Buck Camo Dipping Hydro FIlm Shotgun camo
Reaper Woods Hydro Dipping Camo
Timbers Edge XD Camo
NEXT Vista Print Hydro DIpping Camo
Long leaf Fatal Flight Hydro Dipping Camo FIlm
Boggy Vizion Camo
Mathews Lost Camo Hydro Film Camo Dipping shotguns rifles pistols
Nat Gear Camo Hydro Film
Kryptek Highlander REDUCED Camo Film gun camo dipping film
Kryptek Typhon Camo Gun Dipping Film Hydrographics FIlm
ATACS Hydrographics Gun Dipping Film
Multi Cam Multi-Cam Camo Gun Dipping Hydrographics Film
Reaper Black Gun Dipping Hydrographics Film
Reaper Z Zombie Hydrographics Gun Dipping Camo Film
Oilfield Camo Hydrograohics Dipping Film
Kryptek Raid Hydrographics Gun Dipping Camo Film
Kings Field Shadow Hydrographics Camo dipping Gun Camo Film
Kings Woodland Shadow Hydrographics Camo Gun Dipping Film
Pink Multi Camo Multi Cam Hydrographics Gun Dipping Film Pink Camo Dipping
Kryptek highlander Hydrographics Gun Dipping Camo Film
Kryptek Mandrake Hydrographics Gun Dipping Camo Film
Mossy Oak Hydrographic Film Dipping Film
Kings Custom Coatings Hydrographics Gun Dipping and Camo Dipping Specialist
ATACS Camo dipped 338 lapua rifle camo dipping and Cerakote