Handgun Single Color Cerakote Price

         Slide Only                              $85.00

        Frame Only                            $95.00

        Slide & Frame                       $180.00

        Magazine (each)                     $25.00

        Tac-Light                                $45.00

        (Slide, Frame & Accents)          $220.00

Handgun Two Tone Cerakote Price

        Slide & Frame                      $190.00

        Additional Colors (each)         $40.00

Armorer Fee (Disassembly & Reassembly
        Semi & Revolver                    $50.00

Cerakote Gun Applicator For Most Durable Gun Finish
Cerakote Durability
Cerakote Applicator Durability
Best Gun Finish Cerakote
M&P Cerakote Refinish. Custom Cerakote Coating On M&P AR215
Custom Para Ordnance LDA Carry Custom Cerakote Burnt Bronze Gun Coating
Colt 1911 Custom Cerakote Gun Metal Gray Graphite Black Cerakote
S&W M&P Custom M&P Cerakote Pink Cerakote M&P Custom Pink Cerakote Gun Refinishing
M&P Custom refinish cerakote refinish M&P Gun refinished in cerakote S&W M&P Cerakote Gun Refinish
Cerakote Glock OD Green Custom Artwork cerakote
Digital Cerakote Refinish Glock
Custom Cerakote Bersa
Bushmaster AR 15 Cerakote Custom Cerakote AR15
Remington 338 Lapua Custom Cerakote refinish Lapua Gun refinishing
Pink Ruger LCP Pink Cerakote
Purple Cerakote glock Baby glock purple custom cerakote
Glock Purple Cerakote Glock refinish in Cerakote Purple
Sig Sauer Cerakote refinish
Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Flat Dark Earth AR15
Burnt Bronze Cerakote gun slide and graphite black cerakote gun
Cerakote Magpul flat dark earth cerakote gun
Glock Cerakote in Pink and Gunmetal Grey Pink Cerakote glock
M&P Refinished in Cerakote Burnt Bronze cerakote.
Springfield Operator Custom Cerakote Refinish Cerakote Coating Custom Gun Coating
AR Cerakote Custom Magpul Flat Dark Earth Cerakote AR-10 308
Taurus 38 special Revolver Cerakote finish
ACOG scope refinished in Cerakote Custom Coating for guns
Custom Glock 19 Cerakote finish. Custom Cerakote Magpul Flat Dark Earth
Rock River AR15 Custom Cerakote refinish for AR15
Custom Rock River AR15 Cerakoted refinish Custom Cerakote
Custom 1911 Rock Island Armory Cerakote Magpul Foliage Green Cerakote refinish.
Custom Desert Eagle 44 Cerakote graphite Black Cerakote finish.
Custom Cerakote Applicator Durable Gun Coating
Custom Cerakote Finish Cerakote refinishing
Long Gun Single Color Cerakote Price
AR-15 Style
Complete Upper                     $145.00
Complete Lower                     $120.00
Bolt Rifle/Muzzle Loader
Barrel                                      $100.00
(receiver,barrel,stockset)                                $230.00

Semi Auto Rifle
Barrel                                         $100.00
Reciever                                     $65.00
Barel & Reciever                        $160.00
Complete                                 $230.00
(Includes Composite Stock Set)
Synthetic/Composite Stock Set
Complete                                   $95.00
Bolt Handle                              $30.00
(Includes Bolt Disassembly)
Trigger Guard                          $35.00
(Includes Trigger Disassembly)
Accents                                    $55.00
(Includes Safety Lever, Bolt Release, Take Down Screws, Floor Plate, Hinge Plate, Mag Release. 
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See the Cerakote price list  for guns at bottom of this page. 
We are a federally licensed firearms refinishing shop!  Cerakote is the best aftermarket gun coating available today. Cerakote is extremey wear resistant, virtualy untouched by chemicals, and Cerakote will not rust! 
Check out some examples of what a Cerakote application can do for your firearm. Also, please click on the virtual gun coater button and see your firearm come to life!